Sanjay Gandhi National Park and Kanheri Caves

Touted as the lungs of Mumbai city proper and at over 100 square kilometers, justifiably so, Sanjay Gandhi National Park is a pleasant day trip. The varied fauna and flora, the attraction of the toy and lion/tiger safari’s and a lake or two, make it an ideal day out for the family (with kids too), that said, the physically able-d will appreciate the 7km+ walk over the comfort of the bus shuttle to the Kanheri caves located in its midst.
Monkeys along the way to Kanheri Caves
Setting out from home early one Sunday morning, reaching Borivali station was easy enough, followed by a short minimum fare rick ride (optionally a mere 15 minute walk) to the gates.

Entry : 07:00am IST, and close round 7:30 p.m.
Cycle Hire: 9:00am to 5:30pm

The walk from the main gate (Borivali East) via the paved road, is a 1 to 1.5hour’s long walk, or alternately, a Rs. 30/- shuttle bus ride. The bus wont ply until its capacity is filled.  Initially, the proximity of the park boundaries with the neighbouring buildings is startling, but the concrete ugliness starts to ebb further on as the path winds into the heart of the park.

The relief is short lived though, because the squatting slum dwellers, encroachments soon appear into view. Inefficient policing/lackadaisical and corrupt officials of course   to blame. But that aside, its a pleasant walk, only a tad unsettling due the unusually still air and extreme humidity.
The Entrace to Kanheri Caves
On the way you would encounter a couple of streams and barrels of monkeys, who wouldnt think twice about pinching your snacks. The toy train wasn’t running this time, probably the monsoons being the reason.
The walks through the paved road ends at the footsteps that lead to the Kanheri caves. Here you gotta fork over Rs. XX/- more for entry, the site being maintained, quite wonderfully by the ASI. You can spot the odd sweeper carting away the trash – courtesy the inconsiderate visitors. Once inside there is a marble slab detailing the use and origin of the caves – Buddhist Viharas. There are more than 100 caves and a good number of huge stone sculptures which make for a good photo op.
Stone Sculpture

View point

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